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Contract without commitment

Newly we offer a permanent contract with three months' notice. So you are not bound with contract as in other companies. When you connecting us you don't have to compose any refundable deposit for the equipment. We firmly believe that you will be satisfied with our services and you will not have a reason to change providers. We provide you with nonstop technical support 24/7 weekends and holidays and constantly improve the quality for you and speeding up an Internet connection.

Free wifi router

Order your connection to the Internet from us and we will lend you a free WiFi router for wireless internet access around the house for your laptops and smart devices (tablets, phones, televisions, etc.). The router supports WiFi 802.11n operating at speeds up to 150 Mbps and the possibility to connect an external antenna stronger. Wifi rotuer remains as a receiving antenna and the property of the company and in the case of the failing router, our technicians replace it piece by piece - you do not have to worry about your home router complaints from retailers nor do they limit because of a temporary malfunction of Wifi networks.

Pay per year and save

When you pay internet for 12 months in advance, you pay only 11 months - the one you get for FREE.

Do not pay for the transition 2x Internet

In the transition from competition to us, you will get during the notice period with competition from us FREE internet for the duration of the notice period.

Recommend us to surf one month for free

If our internet you refer a friend, neighbor or friend who is allowed to join us, you will get one month FREE. It is important to us of this fact (either write us an email, for example, that you recommend Mr ... or that ... Mr. said he was leaving to join your recommendation). Thank you.