Common questions

Internet Access

  • What is connection via antenna and what does it mean?
    Due to the quality of the Internet connection, we will ideally need to place the receiver unit on the roof. Since this unit will pull a cable with a diameter of 6mm, we need to follow through with a 230V outlet, ideally in an area where the router is located. It is therefore necessary to resolve the route of the cable, such as ceilings or disused chimney to the premises where the router.
  • Where to optimally place WIFI router?
    In order for internet access was best, it is recommended to place the Router in places where you are the most with your devices. Optimally, it will be in the workroom, living room or hallway areas around which the other rooms are. We do not recommend placing routers in attics, plasterboard ceilings contain iron sections, which greatly limit the wifi signal and could lead to disruption of Internet connection or a slow retrieve.
  • I already have an existing provider, will you use the cables which I already have?
    In today's times it has been used so-called PoE devices, this means that to the roof will lead data cable that plugs into the antenna. In this case it is possible to replace only the antenna and does not drag cable. In the case of coaxial cables it is necessary to replace cables with the new ones. In case you do not know which connection you now have just contact us and we will provide technical advice for free, what and where we would replace or what work we would done.
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